Linear Equations and Their Graphs

If the equation y = 4x, where the variable x is an element of the set of real numbers, is graphed, the result is a linear curve (straight line). Hence the name linear equations for any equation of the form y = 4x. Linear equations can be expressed in various forms. for example y = 3x + 4 ; 2x – y + 8 = 0 ; s = 20t and so on.

  • Graphing a Linear Equation from its Table

To graph a given straight line equation, do the following steps:

  1. Specify the number of points each of which is an ordered pair (x,y) by taking some arbitrary values of x and finding their corresponding values of y.
  2. Build a table with three columns for x,y and (x,y), respectively!
  3. Plot every ordered pair (x,y) listed on the completed table as a dot on a Cartesian plane!
  4. Construct a straight line which runs through those dots!

Example :  1. Construct the line given by the equation y = x – 2 !

Answer :

Linier equations and their graphs_1

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